Investing in a healthier, humane and sustainable future

Sentient Investments* invests in novel, protectible and scalable enterprises that will contribute to a more sustainable, efficient, secure and just food system.

We are patient, founder friendly and prefer to invest as early as possible into mission aligned, rationally valued businesses that are innovating away from animals in the food system and that are addressing key challenges to environmental sustainability. 


We enjoy collaborating with other investors and management teams and our initial investment presumes participation in follow on rounds to support the growth of our partner companies.

The Team

Holly Vear

Outreach and Due Diligence

Holly works with Sentient Investments to help identify and research investment opportunities in companies that are developing and supporting the development of alternatives to animal protein and to conventionally…   Read More

Tony Allard


Tony Allard is President of Hearthstone Investments, a single- family office and private investment firm holding primarily commercial real estate and public equities. In 2019, Tony started Sentient Investments,…  Read More

Kate de Wolff

Chief Financial Officer

Kate de Wolff has been CFO for the Hearthstone Group of Companies since 2001 and is responsible for all aspects of financial, investment and operational decision making for the numerous Hearthstone entities…  Read More

As a Glasswall Syndicate member we strive to invest in companies that are consciously and proactively working to create a diverse and inclusive organization – one that’s inclusive across race, color, religion, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, age or protected status. We do not knowingly provide funding to organizations that advocate, support, or practice activities that are inequitable or otherwise inconsistent with GlassWall Syndicate’s non-discrimination stance.

* Sentient Investments is a trade name of Hearthstone Investments Ltd. a private investment company based in B.C.


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