Holly Vear

Outreach and Due Diligence

Holly works with Sentient Investments to help identify and research investment opportunities in companies that are developing and supporting the development of alternatives to animal protein and to conventionally produced animal protein. She helps to manage deal flow, support the due diligence process and maintain and build relationships with Sentient’s portfolio companies and with the various investor syndicates, networks and like-minded individual investors.

Holly believes that innovations in protein alternatives have the potential to drive the shift away from our harmful and unsustainable reliance on animal agriculture, aquaculture and commercial fishing and to help remove animals from supply chains. She is constantly inspired by the vision and commitment of the entrepreneurs in this space and her fellow mission-driven investors who are helping to drive this revolution.

Holly has worked as a lawyer since 2009, advising First Nation governments, non-profit and for-profit corporate clients.



Sentient Investments
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